Cozumel Mexico.

I started my photography on the island of Cozumel in Mexico; So I built a special attachment to this type of photography.

Here are my 5 tips for Seascape photography:

  • Get as close as you can from the water but always be careful about the tide and swell.
  • Use filters and play with the shutter speed. Every water is different, and in a new place, it would take a few shots to get to the perfect shutter speed and obtain the effect you want. A shutter speed between 0.5 and 4 sec should help you capture the movement; on the other hand, the longer shutter speed will help to flatten the movement of the water and have a more calming effect on your picture.
  • Get ready to get wet. I don't think I ever do that type of photography without having my shoes soaking wet, so keep that in mind also when you prepare your gear and don't forget a Microfiber Cloth to clean your lens.
  • Clean your gear when you get home, tripod with freshwater, camera/lenses/filters with lens-cleaning tissues, and cloths.
  • Enjoy the moment. The reason it is one of my favorite types of photography is that it brings me peace so don't get too fixated on getting the shot and enjoy the noise and rhythm of the ocean.

Here are my five tips for landscape photography in general :

Gear: Fujifilm XT2/ XT3 , 16mm /18-55mm

Place : Cozumel Mexico and Iceland