Cozumel Mexico

  • Use always a tripod even when you don't need it. Indeed Landscape photography is and should be a slow process; using a tripod will help you slow down and make more conscious decisions about your Photography.
  • Shoot in Raw. That will give you more information to edit your picture, helps a lot in recovering Shadows and Highlights wen facing a high contrasted scene.
  • Switch your screen to black and white. Removing the color will help you focus on the quality of the light and your composition.
  • Landscape photographers usually take pictures during sunrises and sunsets, that doesn't mean that we always take photos of those. We are looking for the quality of the light, and a beautiful sunset can't replace a good composition.
  • Be patient. Landscape photography requires lots of patience; you should arrive early on location to find your composition then wait for the best light possible to enter into the scene.

Gear: Fujifilm XT3 / XT2 / Xpro2 , 16mm F1.4 / 18-55mm

Place : Cozumel Mexico and Iceland.