Cozumel, Mexico

I know that in the photography world, we are used to categorizing each photographer by their photography type.

But as you can see on my website and social media, I don't just shoot one type of photography, and the reason is that I photograph what I love and what makes me happy. Indeed, feelings are a big part of my work, and the thing is, I love landscape as much as I love portraits and Street Photography ... I just love Photography in General.

Sticking a label on my photography would feel like putting my self in a box that would feel too tight for me. I have a deep attachment to my "photography freedom." To have learned and worked almost every type of photography makes me appreciate it even more, and it is giving me the possibility to create in every situation. Almost every Photographer that is starting a career seems to have a sure idea of what his "specialty" will be. The same way a fresh medicine student is pretty sure he will be a heart surgeon without having started school. Well, we all know our interests might change, and the future can bring new opportunities; that is why in my 5th year of photography when someone asks me what my specialty is, my answer is and will keep being ... "I don't know; it depends on the day of the week ."

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