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Photograph what you Love

Cozumel, Mexico

I know that in the photography world, we are used to categorizing each photographer by their photography type.

But as you can see on my website and social media, I don't just shoot one type of photography, and the reason is that I photograph what I love and what makes me happy. Indeed, feelings are a big part of my work, and the thing is, I love landscape as much as I love portraits and Street Photography ... I just love Photography in General.

Sticking a label on my photography would feel like putting my self in a box that would feel too tight for me. I have a deep attachment to my "photography freedom." To have learned and worked almost every type of photography makes me appreciate it even more, and it is giving me the possibility to create in every situation. Almost every Photographer that is starting a career seems to have a sure idea of what his "specialty" will be. The same way a fresh medicine student is pretty sure he will be a heart surgeon without having started school. Well, we all know our interests might change, and the future can bring new opportunities; that is why in my 5th year of photography when someone asks me what my specialty is, my answer is and will keep being ... "I don't know; it depends on the day of the week ."

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Using my Landscape photographer skills to provide unique pictures to my clients in Cozumel, Mexico.

When I started learning about photography I was making a difference between the landscape and the portrait photographer that I am which was 2 very different ways of taking pictures. But I quickly realized that my clients for portraits were hiring me also for my landscape skills and that most of them coming from the USA are in Cozumel for their vacations and wanted to include the landscape in their pictures.

Since that day, I always provide some pictures, including as much landscape as possible, along with some classic type shots. Most of the time, I know that this mix between Landscape and Photo session is the picture that will end up on their wall. The key in that type of photography is to focus on the landscape first, find the composition, wait for the perfect colors/clouds/wave, etc.., and then place the clients in the right spot to complete your composition.

Gear: Fujifilm XT3 and XT2 23mmf2 / 18-55mm

Place : Cozumel Mexico

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Photography In Quarantine No 2. / Cozumel, Mexico.

With a lot of time in our hands, we figured we should play with it. Whether I do Landscape, Street Photography, or Portrait, I love to play with the shutter speed and create long exposure Photography. It always gives a sense of mystery, and I still get surprised by some of the results. My wife is an incredible makeup Artist I also wanted to illustrate her beautiful work and her way to play with colors.

Tip: The long exposure shot at 1 sec required with one continuous light for the camera to be able to grab the movement and one studio flash to freeze the action when my wife is facing the camera.

Gear used : Fujifilm XT3 / Fujifilm XF 80mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR Macro Lens.

Flash : Godox AD400 pro.

Place : Serfati Photography Studio in Cozumel Mexico

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Photography in Quarantine No 1. / Cozumel, Mexico.

Taking advantage of the quarantine, I observe my surroundings.
It is by enjoying the entire photographic process and in search of new images that we can become better photographers. That series of pictures is something that I won't have done without our quarantine situation, but it made me realize even more that good images are all around us, and it doesn't matter where you are. That famous quote of the great photographer Elliot Erwitt illustrates that notion entirely.

  “For me, photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I discovered that it has little to do with the things you see and everything with the way you see them ”.
-Elliott Erwitt

Tip: get closer and focus on the details, play with light and shadow to reveal just a part of the frame, and guide the eye of the spectators to the point of interest.

Gear used : Fujifilm XT3 / Fujifilm XF 80mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR Macro Lens

Place : Cozumel Mexico