When I started learning about photography I was making a difference between the landscape and the portrait photographer that I am which was 2 very different ways of taking pictures. But I quickly realized that my clients for portraits were hiring me also for my landscape skills and that most of them coming from the USA are in Cozumel for their vacations and wanted to include the landscape in their pictures.

Since that day, I always provide some pictures, including as much landscape as possible, along with some classic type shots. Most of the time, I know that this mix between Landscape and Photo session is the picture that will end up on their wall. The key in that type of photography is to focus on the landscape first, find the composition, wait for the perfect colors/clouds/wave, etc.., and then place the clients in the right spot to complete your composition.

Gear: Fujifilm XT3 and XT2 23mmf2 / 18-55mm

Place : Cozumel Mexico